Life Lessons 101

Life Lessons :: Because We Need Those Constant Reminders.

Life Lessons : Number 7
Never say "excuse you", it makes you sound like an ass.

Life Lessons : Number 6
Deodorant was invented for a reason. Use it.

Life Lessons : Number 5
Nobody likes a person who constantly complains.
You can complain once.
Twice, alright, I get it.
Thrice, I heard it twice before.
Four times, I believe it's time for you to shut your trap.
Five times plus, you're just asking to get smacked.

Life Lessons : Number 4
Don't look a crazy person in the eye unless you want confrontation.
Don't look a crazy person in the eye especially if you can easily get away from them.
If you are around a crazy person, get away as fast as you can.
If you are a crazy person, play the game of "Pretend I'm not crazy so I don't scare people off".

Life Lessons : Number 3
Don't be an a-hole and hold the door!
It's rude when you're entering a place and someone enters before you and they don't hold the door.
It's rude when you go into a place and don't hold the door for the person behind you.
It's also rude when you're leaving a place and don't hold the door for the person who was about to come in.
Do that and you'll look like a jackass!
So next time, hold the door and if someone opens/holds the door for you, say thank you!!!

Life Lessons : Number 2
Do NOT over think things.  Sure you want to get to the bottom of whatever situation you happen to be mulling over but in the end you'll just become even more confused and frustrated all while still not having a proper answer.
Do not get me wrong, thinking is a good thing but when you're sitting around thinking does this person like me and trying to decode what they do and say here's a tip: you're brain rarely leaves you with the correct answer.
Take it all in the stride, you'll get your answer when the time is right.

Life Lessons : Number 1
When talking, more specifically texting, never use time as a comeback. When asking things like "how am I being...?" and they don't respond a second or a minute later, guess what, shut up and don't say "Ha! You have nothing!". Two minutes or so later, is the time that you can say that.

It's really annoying when I'm writing to a bunch of people and because I don't respond a little while later they automatically think I have no comeback, guess what, we got there because I do have a comeback!


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